Welcome to the Commons Computer!

Commons Computer is a Cloudron powered VPS running on Ubuntu 22 at Hostinger.

Cloudron lets you manage multiple domains and apps, while sharing common resources like email and user logins.

Hence, a Commons Computer.

This Discourse forum exists for a couple of reasons:

  • in part because I needed something to install at the root of the domain
  • when thinking about sharing this Cloudron, we’re going to need a place to discuss
  • I’m still quite happy with Discourse forums for wikis, documentation, and discussion – especially with reply by email turned on
  • There’s an ongoing thread about Discourse on Cloudron and email in particular, so I’m going to see if I can help with the documentation a bit

I have a few other things up and running here.

A Mastodon install https://toolsforthought.social, which is going to replace https://toolsforthought.rocks, so we can make the root domain a proper landing page. It’s currently a managed host from Spacebear which is 42EU per month. I’ll write a separate post about this.

https://bmann.ca is hosted here, moving off of Neocities at $5 monthly supporter fees.

I finally have a test self-hosted Cal.com instance! See my profile at https://cal.commonscomputer.com/boris.

So far, it seems a little flakey and complicated. Never mind that it’s actually an open core app so a lot of the interesting features you’re going to need an enterprise subscription for.

Which, maybe, is not that different than Cloudron, which charges $15USD/month, paid annually, for running unlimited apps and providing a full email service with fallback of their own machines.

If you’d like to join the Commons Computer – get an email address, move some domains here, host some apps – leave a comment!