Shared Castopod Fediverse Podcast Hosting

I’m in the midst of setting up Castopod for CoSocial. If you’re a person in Canada, you should sign up for a co-op membership and you’ll have it included with your membership.

But that won’t work if you’re not in Canada.

I have a test install on this server at (but that domain name isn’t very cool, so we’ll pick a new one together).

I’m open to doing shared hosting of a Castopod server. Here’s what I think that would look like:

  • look for 3+ people interested in shared hosting of podcasts (maybe max 10 to start? we can get fancy if more people are interested)
  • we pick a domain name
  • I will commit to tech support / server support
  • Of those three, I need at least one other person to commit to being a Castopod admin
  • Can also provision custom emails and a few other things that Cloudron offers depending on interest
  • figure out pricing. 3 people @ $50 for a year should cover things on this shared server
  • we’ll set up an OpenCollective for shared and transparent budgeting

Leave a comment below if that sounds interesting.

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And I’ve just now realized that Castopod DOES have a commercial hosted option!

€10 or €24 per month for individual podcasts, or €96 per month for a “network” (which I guess means a dedicated server).

So sharing a server is about half the price of a starter package.