OSS as Sociotechnical Systems Wiki

I connected with Shauna through a #dwebyvr member tagging me in her request about mediawiki, which I host for https://dwebyvr.org

Here’s the thread: Shauna GM: "@boris@cosocial.ca @boris@toolsforthought.social …" - social.coop

I’ve suggested that Shauna can kick the tires on a couple of wiki apps that Cloudron supports out of the box to see if they work for her

  • MediaWiki: to really configure it will need theme work, plugins, and documentation for users. For #dwebyvr I’m still missing visible backlinks
  • Outline: meant for organizational work, it’s very clean and modern
  • WikiJS: I’ve run this in the past. It has a lot of different features. I’ve used it in the past syncing to open source content in a Git repo as well as the graphical web interface

Not listed, but Discourse itself has backlinks and wiki features and might be a fit.

We’re likely to make some notes in public in the Public Wiki category about these apps, as well as private notes and coordinating.

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