LinkDing installed

I just installed LinkDing, a shared bookmarking service.

The shared bookmarks page is here.

The first bookmark is me remembering how to add JavaScript bookmarklets to mobile safari.

I have it configured so bookmarks get sent to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

I’ve fallen out of the habit of bookmarks, mostly putting them in my second brain tools. Which is great, but none of the ones I use are great at adding structure to bookmarks: it’s up to me to come up with my own system.

And: great bookmark centric features. Tags, feeds, and so on.

I’m still working my way through thinking about how Commons Computer shared services work, and how to communicate with everyone.

I need to document organizations that live here:

  • Tools For Thought Rocks: mostly the TFT Social Mastodon
  • DWebYVR: MediaWiki, email
  • WalletUncon: email, FreeScout shared email support system
  • Emily M (Master Recycler): imap/pop3 mailboxes

I haven’t been provisioning Cloudron accounts for every app user (eg TFT Social), but I certainly can for anyone that is interested, and provision other things like bookmark accounts.

@JSLR as a donator, are you interested in a shared bookmarking service?

Or, any of the Cloudron apps look interesting, or any features or services you currently pay for that might be interesting to self host?

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Thanks for flagging this, @boris— I’ve been mostly offline for the holidays, slowly cranking up my engines this week. Instant thought: I’ve been using Raindrop for bookmarking, which I really like for my personal needs (set layouts for collections of bookmarks, including a gallery/masonry interface, plus archiving, feeds etc) and does allow for sharing.

The one speedbump in my Raindrop usage is saving links in more than one collection— Raindrop doesn’t yet facilitate this, and it’d be particularly useful for managing collections of shared bookmarks. I’ll take a look at LinkDing (and other Cloudron apps) and come back to you. Thanks for the offer! Hope the year has started well for you.

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I think I need to create an account for you. Let me check / I’ll message you with details.

Probably I’ll set you up with a Commons account as a donator, and we’ll use that as a common pattern for access to things.

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