Hosting Obsidian on Cloudron

Obsidian edits Markdown files and can have either first party paid synch or you can do synch on your own, including multiplayer.

Publishing is also a separate step.

This is a thread to explore how to setup multiplayer syncing and publishing of Obsidian on Cloudron.

Publishing seems surprisingly tricky. It seems like a lot of plugins and even core features that are built for the Obsidian app don’t translate to published versions. For instance the backlinks in the app have block-level context, whereas the kinds of backlinks I’ve seen in published Obsidian vaults are just ‘here’s a page that links here’, which is way less useful when the links are coming from a longer page.

Of course, one could write a plugin that adds more advanced backlinks to a published page, but the fact that this doesn’t exist already makes me worry it’s way harder than one might think for underlying architectural reasons.

Yep, my own custom implementation at Digital Garden Notes 🌱 — Boris Mann's Homepage only does page level links.

I haven’t seen any publishing toolchain that supports block level back links.

The two I know of are:

Digital Garden Jekyll Template GitHub - maximevaillancourt/digital-garden-jekyll-template: Start your own digital garden using this Jekyll template 🌱 (this is what I use)

Quartz (python / Hugo based) GitHub - jackyzha0/quartz: 🌱 a fast, batteries-included static-site generator that transforms Markdown content into fully functional websites

So ultimately you’re going to either need to use some non-git synch for collab — WebDAV or S3 plugin are the two ways I can think of — and then periodically have one collaborator check in to git, and GitHub actions can publish.

Or use git for synch directly.

What do you think your collaborators are going to be comfortable with?