Cloudron Server

The Commons Computer is a Cloudron powered server that hosts a number of domains, services, and apps, including this forum. This is a page detailing the other services it relies on and ongoing research and updates.

Server Hosting

The server is a Hostinger KVM 4 VPS, 16GB RAM and 200GB storage at the Hostinger NYC data center.


Signed up for a $5 per month Digital Ocean Spaces service for backup, which includes 250GB storage and 1TB of bandwidth. Has an S3 interface.

Domain Registrar

Domain registrar either at Google Domains (now owned by SwuareSpace, so I need to move ones there) or Namecheap.

I did decide to try Cloudflare as a registrar.

Need to see if I can run a Hexonet reseller account and also offer basic domain services to others. This would be for registrar only – the next section is about actually running / managing DNS. Hexonet does have a basic interface, but not very user friendly.

Porkbun is a registrar / DNS provider that could be a fit.


Cloudflare or Digital Ocean.

Cloudflare has very good DNS services at the free tier.

Digital Ocean is “free” and you can have Cloudron automate it.

Here are the DNS providers supported by Cloudron:


Inboxes and Mailing Lists

Cloudron can host email inboxes.

For “aliases”, set up a mailing list on the domain, and have it send to the other address(es) that you want to receive it at.


Looking at Amazon SES for relay services. It’s been hard to setup.

Currently using Postmark $15/month tier. It has been much simpler to setup, and is now running outbound relay from Cloudron.